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Corona's Info

  • 164226 People Live in Corona, California
  • There are 72 Home Security Providers in Corona
  • Corona is ranked number 67 for safety in California
  • Corona is ranked number 3614 for safety in the United States

2016 FBI Stats

  • Number of Violent Crimes: 185
  • Number of Murders or Manslaughters: 3
  • Number of Rapes: 39
  • Number of Robberies: 74
  • Number of Aggravated Assaults: 69
  • Number of Property Crimes: 3693
  • Number of Burglaries: 741
  • Number of Larceny Thefts: 2236
  • Number of Motor Vehicle Thefts: 716

2015 FBI Stats

  • Number of Violent Crimes: 212
  • Number of Murders or Manslaughters: 5
  • Number of Rapes: 30
  • Number of Robberies: 98
  • Number of Aggravated Assaults: 79
  • Number of Property Crimes: 3727
  • Number of Burglaries: 615
  • Number of Larceny Thefts: 2646
  • Number of Motor Vehicle Thefts: 466

Change in Stats

  • Number of Violent Crimes: -27
  • Number of Murders or Manslaughters: -2
  • Number of Rapes: 9
  • Number of Robberies: -24
  • Number of Aggravated Assaults: -10
  • Number of Property Crimes: -34
  • Number of Burglaries: 126
  • Number of Larceny Thefts: -410
  • Number of Motor Vehicle Thefts: 250

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