Security Cameras Overview - 2017

Security Cameras Overview

Security cameras often have multiple features which makes it difficult to understand what best fits your needs. There are also different considerations for indoor and outdoor cameras. SecuritySeek strives to educate consumers about the latest developments in home security. Our guide helps simplify your search process by bringing you important information regarding the following camera features:

  • Indoor vs. Outdoor Cameras
  • Resolution and Quality
  • Remote Viewing
  • Recording and Storage
  • Camera Range
  • Sound Recording

Indoor vs. Outdoor Cameras

The main difference between indoor and outdoor cameras is the type environment they must operate in. Because outdoor cameras are prone to rougher treatment, they are made out of more resistant materials such as metal. Heavy duty materials also make them more difficult to remove from the home. Indoor cameras are usually more discrete than outdoor ones. They can be a smaller and more lightweight because they are less likely to be tampered with inside your home.

Both indoor and outdoor cameras should have the same basic features such as infrared capability, recording space, and remote access. Dome cameras are a good option for both indoor and outdoor use because they are both durable and do an excellent job of surveying the area. An intruder does not have the ability to see which direction the lens is facing making it difficult to hide from the camera.

Security Camera Remote Viewing

Remote Viewing

If you are away from home often, having a camera that allows you to view live footage provides extra peace of mind. You should have the ability to access your cameras from your phone, tablet, or laptop and have the ability to save snapshots and recordings. Another important camera feature is motion detection. Motion sensitive cameras detect movement within its view and can send you alerts for any unwanted activity.

Resolution Quality

Resolution refers to the quality of the images your camera produces. Having a camera that records in high resolution is important because if there is an intruder at your home you can better identify faces or items. Resolution for camera images work just like your television, with the resolution ranging from 480p to 1080p. If you want to capture the highest quality footage, you should get a security camera that has 1080p resolution.

A majority of break ins happen late at night because the intruder is able to hide in dark areas. For this reason, you need to purchase a camera with infrared technology that can record high resolution images when there is little or no light.

Recording and Storage Space

Your security camera should allow for ample storage and continuous film time. There also should be an option to back your images and video clips to the cloud. This are important considerations in the event of incident so that you are able to capture and show images of the intruder.

Field Of View?

The field of view is the size of the area that the camera is able to record and is measured in degrees. There are two types of recording lenses depending on your room: wide and narrow angled lenses. Wide-angle lenses are good for backyards or driveways because they are able to capture a wider picture. However, the objects in the image will appear smaller. Narrow-angle lenses have a smaller field of view and work well for entrances and hallways. They have smaller view, but images will show up more detailed. Adjustable cameras also allow for a wider range of view because they can tilt and move to focus on a specific area.

Sound Capabilities

Sound features on your security camera can include receiving sound for two-way communication or emitting sound. Having two-way communication is a great safety feature because in case of an emergency you can contact the response center. Some also act as an intercom that allow you to remotely talk through.

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