Home Security Alarms Overview

Home Security Alarms Overview

Surprisingly, there are a large percentage of homes throughout the nation that do not have security alarms. You may be one of them. If you are asking yourself if you really need alarm monitoring, one small piece of information should help you decide. When a home has an security alarms system, it is multiple times less likely to be broken into than an unprotected home.

Ask Yourself

If that’s not enough, we have some questions for you to ask yourself. If you answer no to any of these, you need security alarms.

  • You are ready in case of home invasion, any time of day or night.
  • You know immediately if there is smoke or excessive carbon monoxide in your home.
  • You have a panic button in that instantly dispatches emergency help.
  • You would know if someone entered your home without your permission, even when you aren’t there.
  • You have peace of mind that your loved ones are protected to the best of your ability.

What To Expect From an Alarm Monitoring Service

When you invest in quality alarm monitoring, you get all of those things and more.

  • It is monitored 24/7 and always ready to handle intruders.
  • In addition to detecting intruders, it also detects water heater problems, carbon monoxide leaks and smoke.
  • When the alarm is triggered, the monitoring staff calls you immediately. A safe word must be given by the person who answers the phone, or the police will be alerted.
  • By having a safe word, you avoid false alarms.
  • Silent alarms emitted by many security systems don’t tip off the intruders, but instead you and the police get alerted.
  • Systems offer features that allow you to control them from anywhere you have an Internet connection, including changing account settings, arming and disarming the system, and more.
  • Alerts keep you informed of everything that happens in real time.
  • A one-touch panic button allows users to send a distress signal and get help dispatched right away.

Security alarms are a wise investment for anyone. Protect the things and people that matter most, with monitored home security, and get peace of mind that your home is as safe as you can make it.